MoonlightBot test (formerly known as "preview") is a testing bot which gets features early before MoonlightBot and MoonlightBot Beta. its purpose is testing new features before it goes to MoonlightBot Beta and MoonlightBot, It is intended to use only by selected testers.

Testers are handpicked by MoonlightBot's Staff. The bare minimum requisite to be picked is being in the support server.

To keep MoonlightBot preview, you're required to actively take part to the tests you join. If you keep signing up to tests and then don't contribute you may be penalized by the Staff team at their discretion.

You're also required to be in the support server at all time while having it. Leaving or getting removed from the server through other ways will result in a removal from preview.

Obtaining the link to invite MoonlightBot preview without being a tester is strictly forbidden, and will result in a termination of the service.

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