MoonlightBot Documentation

MoonlightBot is a powerful Discord bot designed to help server moderation without bloat. It features extremely customizable logging, easy to use commands, management of temporary actions, and much much more to make your server life easier. It is very easy to setup and learn its commands.

Getting started

The first step in using MoonlightBot is to invite it to your server. Click here for a link that lets you invite the bot with all permissions it requires to work.

Only servers in which you have Manage Server permission will show there.

The bot can still work without its managed role, but some commands may not work if proper permissions are not set.


MoonlightBot uses Slash Commands. Type a slash (/) into the send message box to see all commands.

Use /help <name of a command> for information on a command.


Once the bot is added into the server, you can start using commands straight away.

By default, there's nothing to configure to use the core features, but if you want to set permissions for commands, or log actionsetc, you can edit all of that with the config command. A detailed explanation of this command can be found at the command's page.

Support us

MoonlightBot is fully funded by Premium Subscriptions and ran by a small group of volunteers. Please help us out cover hosting costs or Vote to give us more visibility!

Next steps

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