MoonlightBot premium is reserved to MoonlightBot patrons. You can purchase a subscription at

New premium purchases may be unavailable or have prices rised as a temporary measure to counter overflow. If you're looking to support MoonlightBot or increase your maximum status time, consider upvoting or boosting the support server.

Premium perks

Cost: 5$/month

  • Access to a premium support channel, with faster response timesand more elaborated answers

  • Special donor role in MoonlightBot's support server, this also gives a few extra permissions like nickname, external emotes and reactions

  • Access to donor-only giveaways

  • Bot owner may do some things with eval (the ultimate bot control command) on request, within reason

  • Extra 60 days on temp command durations

This tier is personal and doesn't grant access to the MoonlightBot premium bot.

Tiers are scalar. Purchasing a tier means getting all perks of the previous tiers.

MoonlightBot premium bot perks

  • Runs on less servers: better performances

  • Goes down less, and if it ever does from a planned maintenance, it will be shorter because there's less data to handle

  • Has a default duration of 30 days for temporary actions

  • Updates from beta, to combine premium with early access.

Activating premium

First steps for all tiers

  1. Choose your tier and make a purchase

  2. While making your purchase, state clearly your Discord user ID (not tag) in your purchase, so we know who to give the perks. If you are unsure if your input is correct, please contact Staff.

  3. You must be in MoonlightBot's support server, otherwise we won't be able to contact you.

  4. A Staff member will give you the premium role soon.

For tiers that involve the premium bot

  1. Invite MoonlightBot premium to your server

  2. You have 30 minutes of time to complete the operation, the premium bot will leave the server if not activated.

  3. A Staff member will DM you a key to activate.

  4. Use the command /premium activate <key> (replace <key> with the key you received) in the server

  5. If every step was done correctly, you should now be able to use MoonlightBot premium. Congratulations!

Premium FAQs

What is a collaborator?

A collaborator is a person who can access premium support as part of a server's perks. They have no access to other premium perks unless purchased individually.

What does a key look like?

It's a long string of random characters, like LKbj_6k-kVwWMtpTPcCat

MoonlightBot's Staff will never ask you for keys, passwords or other sensitive data.

Keys will never come as links to click or QR codes, don't click on anything sketchy.

We are not responsible if someone snatches your key. Once a key is activates, it's gone forever.

Sometimes there may be hosted giveaways or be able to earn free trials. If you are unsure whether something is a scam or not, contact Staff.

What happens if I activate a key in an already active server?

The new key will overlap the old one, additionally, you'll become the representative.

If I have any temporary action still ongoing and my premium expires, what happens?

They will completed when told to. The premium bot won't leave the server until all temporary actions are completed.

There's a three days grace period. After that, commands will not work anymore until premium is reactivated.

I want to switch to MoonlightBot premium, but I still have temproles ongoing on the stable one. What will happen to them?

Contact Staff so your data can be transferred from one bot to another.

Can I gift MoonlightBot Premium to another server?

Yes, we now support this and you can get up to two gift subs at once for half the price of the tier each. For example, you can get the Advanced tier subscription for yourself plus a gift for $15. You can then use the gift on yourself or give it to someone else if you wish. This perk applies to the Advanced and Super tiers only.


Premium users are still subject to the Acceptable Use Policy.

All perks come within reason. Staff may refuse to do actions that are unreasonable or inappropriate.

Premium perks are tied with the premium role in MoonlightBot's support server. Leaving the server or getting removed through other means will result in an automatic removal of the perks. If you feel there was a mistake, please contact Staff.

We are not responsible for unexpected downtime caused by third parties.

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