MoonlightBot beta is a public beta version of the bot that let users who want the upcoming features be able to try out these features before they get publicly released to MoonlightBot. Beta also gets bug fixes early.

To keep MoonlightBot beta in a server, any member with manage server permissions must be in the support server, to act as a point of contact for us. Failing to meet this requirement at any time will result in an automatic removal of the bot.

How to get MoonlightBot beta

  1. Go to the #get-beta channel (the link above will take you directly)

  2. Click on the invite link, then proceed to invite it like any other bot

Debunking common misconceptions and FAQs

Will I have to keep both stable and beta if I want to use it?

No, you don't need to clutter your server with two almost identical bots. As stated above, you can ask support for a data transfer, then remove stable. Transferrals are free and instant.

It does not have the "Verified bot" checkmark

A bot is eligible for verification once it reaches 75 servers. The checkmark only signifies that a bot has been reviewed by Discord, and allows it to join more than 100 servers.

MoonlightBot beta shares most of the codebase with the verified MoonlightBot, which complies with Discord's requirements. Since those two bots do essentially the same things, you can add beta safely even if it doesn't have a checkmark.

I have a fear it may break from a moment to another

Before any major breaking change is sent to beta, it's carefully reviewed in another test bot by both developers and volunteers. The chance of bugs is pretty low, and you can always report bugs for them to be fixed quickly, for a greater good.

I don't want to lose all my temproles, infractions and server configuration

You can seamlessly switch to beta by asking for all your data to be transferred by a MoonlightBot Staff member. This operation usually takes a few minutes with no downtime. Join the support server so we can help you out with this.

I don't comply with the requirement of having at least a server admin in MoonlightBot's support server

Having MoonlightBot beta in a server requires someone with "Manage server" permission to be in the support server, so the Staff can have a point of contact to refer that server by.

I have no time/I don't know how to look for bugs

No problem! You are not required to actively find bugs, rather, use the features you'd normally use and report any bugs you may find.

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