Acceptable Use Policy

This is the official policy that regulates what the service is acceptable for use. Every user who wishes use it must fully accept this policy.

What the service consists of

  1. The Discord bot MoonlightBot#9699 (314110696071888896)

  2. The Discord bot MoonlightBot beta#8328 (440423394350202881)

  3. The Discord bot MoonlightBot test#1483 (546586902728540191)

  4. The discord bot MoonlightBot Premium#6780 (693017883566931999)

  5. The Discord server Moonlight Labs (359057740200673280)

  6. The Discord server MoonlightBot logging facility, whose ID is not disclosed for privacy reasons


  • That time and resource have been invested in the creation and development of the service;

  • That multiple users (commonly referred in this doc as "peers") are using the service at the same time;

  • That there are people working on the service to continue improving it and making it more advanced; more reliable and expanding it to more users;

  • That our service may contain user-generated content;

We establish the following guidelines

What you may not use (or attempt to use) the service for

  1. Harassing, stalking, threatening, doxxing, shaming or otherwise defacing people.

  2. Distributing any kind of malware through the use of the service.

  3. Advertising services/products of any kind.

  4. Circumventing tools that allow users to protect themselves (such as Discord blocks/bans)

  5. Engaging in fraudulent activities or harmful to other users.

  6. Attempting to collect personal data (including but not limited to e-mail addresses, passwords and tokens) of users.

  7. Anything that inducts the service to violate the Discord Terms of Service or Community guidelines.

The following is forbidden and will result in action being taken on the responsible user(s)

  1. Attempting to make the service (or any part of it) unavailable to peers.

  2. Attempting to decompile, modify, exploit, sell, resell or reverse-engineer any part of the service.

  3. Circumventing security measures that allow the service to be available for everyone.

  4. Hindering the development or modification of the service in any way, either active or passive.

User-generated content

The service lets their users upload, post or transmit user-generated content. Any user-generated content is not endorsed by us and we neither are responsible for it. If you feel any user-generated content residing in our service violates this policy, please report it to our Staff.

Owners of user-generated content may request the deletion of said content by reaching out our staff. We will try our best to remove said data in the shortest amount of time possible.

Infraction policy

The service allows authorized users to issue so-called "infractions" that are stored in our database. Infractions do not represent any endorsement from the service. Infractions may contain user-generated content, which is property of the infraction issuer. Infractions are not intended to be used to harass, stalk people, advertise or be used maliciously against the user who the infraction is issued to or any other entity, including loss of reputation.

Staff has the final say on whether an infraction breaks this policy. Staff deserves the right to investigate on abusive infractions, could it be by request by the user, by automated alerts, or by witnessing.

Informal note: Staff may not remove infractions just because they were unfair. Your server, your rules. For example, if the moderators of a server ban you even if you didn't break any rules of their server we won't get involved unless they break any term of this policy. If possible, check out individual server rules/policies to sort the case out with them.

Assumption of good faith

As the user uses the service or make any claims to us, we assume good faith in their word or actions, and shall not be broken by their side. Repeatedly making false claims or breaking this assumption is grounds for termination.


If you believe an action taken on you or on your server, you may appeal within 14 days from the issuance of the action.

The appeal is intended to be used to review your case for mistakes from the staff. If you are confirmed to have violated this policy, chances are your access will not be reinstated.

To appeal, please DM a Staff member on the support server, specifically, a well-written appeal should include:

  • Any server ID involved in the process

  • How did your behavior not violate the policy?

  • Why should we trust you to not do it again?

  • What will you bring to positively enhance the MoonlightBot community

  • Additional evidence such as screenshots, server invites, message links, or any media in favor of your view

The Staff is not entitled to publicy disclose any evidence of the violation, nor the reason of rejection of the appeal.

You can only appeal once, and the Staff decision is final.

The more complete, polite and respectful your appeal is, the more likely it will be accepted.

Final notes

Our Staff deserves the right to terminate or restrict your use of the service (or parts of) for any reason at any time, without prior warning or further notice.

We deserve the right to refuse the use of the service (or parts of it) to anyone.

Ability to use this service is a privilege, use it wisely.

We always encourage our users to collaborate with the Staff to improve their experience (and consequently their peers') with the service.

Always keep in mind that this document is not exhaustive, and we deserve to make any change to it without warning or notice, though we will always try our best to inform users through non-intrusive means if this happens. If something is not listed in those rules it does not mean you're allowed to persevere in that conduct.