This command is used to temporarily mute an user from the server. Just like mute except the role is removed after the set duration.

Required arguments

  • user - The user you want to tempmute

  • duration - Check the duration section for more information

Optional arguments

  • reason - The reason for the infraction. It will be shown in bot logs


  • --dm-user - Sends the reason for the warning to the user's DMs

  • --no-infraction - Does not log an infraction. Log entry is still sent

  • --purge-roles - This flag is used to remove every possible (counting hierarchy) role before muting.


m:tempmute <user> <duration> [reason]



Required permission

This command's level is 50 by default. The bot needs Send Messages, Read Messages, Manage Roles permissions in order to be able to execute this command.