This command is used to manage infractions, both show and delete them. It is broken down into multiple Slash Commands, all of which begin with /infractions



Shows a brief list of infractions an user has, grouped by type. The only required argument is the user you want information on.


Shows detailed information on a specific infraction. The only required argument is the infraction ID.


DMs you a file containing a list of infractions of the server. The only required argument is the format of the file (see below for a list of formats).


Deletes an infraction. The only required argument is the infraction ID. An optional reason for deleting the infraction can be put afterwards, and will be reflected in the log.
Only the responsible moderator can delete their infraction. The server owner can delete any infraction on their server.


This option shows a list of infraction, provided certain parameters to restrict the search.
The arguments are to be put in a filter:value mode. Multiple filters can be used together, and must be chained with a ;. If multiple filters are provided, they will be chained with a logical AND.
Valid filters are: user, moderator, type, reason, partialreason.
So for example, an execution like this:
/infractions list user:314110696071888896;type:warning
Will list all infractions issued to the user 314110696071888896 and of type warning.
If the output is too long, it will be sent as file, pretty much like the archive option. You can specify the format as specified below in the flags.
User and moderator options only support user IDs. You risk of getting no results otherwise.
This is pretty much like list, but you can get even higher precision and without filters. You can freely input anything. Check here to see how special characters affect your search.


  • format=<format> Selects the format for the list and archive options. Replace <format> with your desired format.


/infractions summary <user>
/infractions list <query> [case-insensitive] [format]
/infractions search <query> [format]
/infractions detailed <id>
/infractions archive [format]
/infractions delete <id> [...reason]

Required permission

This command's level is 50 by default. The bot needs Read Messages, Send Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files permissions in order to be able to execute this command.

List of available export formats

txt, csv, json, html