This command is used to delete multiple messages from the channel it's used in. Arguments serve as filter to fine-tune which criteria the messages must meet to be deleted. If multiple filters are provided, messages will be deleted if they meet all the requirements.

Required arguments


Optional arguments

  • user - Deletes messages sent by this user

  • startswith - Deletes messages with the content starting with this option

  • endswith - Deletes messages with the content ending with this option

  • contains - Deletes messages containing this option

  • bots - Deletes messages sent by bots

  • system - Deletes system messages

  • amount - The amount of messages to delete (defaults to 100)

  • preserve-pins - This flag is used to not purge pinned messages

  • no-trace - Makes the response ephemeral, effectively leaving no trace in the cleaned channel


/clean [user] [startswith] [endswith] [contains] [bots] [system] [amount] [no-trace] [preserve-pins]

Required permission

This command's level is 50 by default. The bot needs Read Messages, Send Messages, Manage Messages permissions in order to be able to execute this command.

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