This command is used to manage all settings for reaction roles.

This page covers in-depth technical details about the command. For a start-up guide on reaction roles, see Setting up reaction roles.



This command creates a new group, given a name. A server can have a maximum of 10 groups.

The only required argument for this option is name, which will later be used to identify your group.


This command starts a guided prompt to assign emojis and roles to a group. First, you will be asked to send a message with the role (can be a name, mention or ID), then, you'll be asked to add a reaction to confirm. You can end the guided configuration at any time.

Using this command on a group that has been previously set will delete all existing emojis and roles and make you start again. If you don't want to overwrite any previously set option, add the no-overwrite argument.


Applies the selected group to a given message. The arguments are group, which is the name of the group you want to assign and message, corresponding to a message ID or link to the message you want the group to be applied to.

More than one group can be applied to a same message at any time. The same group can be applied to a maximum of 5 different messages.


Has the opposite effect of apply, ergo, it will remove the group from the specified message. Arguments are the same as the apply option.


This deletes a given group as required argument.

This action is irreversible. You will be allowed to create a new group with the same name as a deleted group.


Takes a group name as required argument, and shows some informations, such as the emoji/role couples and settings for the group.

You can edit group options with the config command


This option lists all the available groups by name and n° of roles set. No arguments needed.


This removes any deleted emoji/role from the group passed as argument, cleaning things up. It will not search for deleted messages.


/reaction-roles create <name>

/reaction-roles setroles <group> [no-overwrite]

/reaction-roles apply <group> <message>

/reaction-roles unapply <group> <message>

/reaction-roles delete-group <group>

/reaction-roles group-info <group>

/reaction-roles list-groups 

/reaction-roles autorepair <group>

Required permissions

This command's level is 100 by default. The bot needs Read Messages, Send Messages, Embed Links, Add Reactions permissions in order to be able to execute this command. For some options, the bot may need Manage Messages and Add Reactions in specific channels.

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